Benefits for Clients

No additional cost
Clients pay a commission only to the broker in the same amount as they would when serviced directly by the broker. We take advantage of economies of scale to secure the most cost-efficient commissions for our clients.

One point of contact, all services
We act as the single point of contact for our clients. Based on our long-established relationships with top-tier brokerage houses, we provide our clients with access to a wide range of products to accommodate the most basic and the most sophisticated needs.

Cost-effective solutions
Our expertise lies in managing the business relationship with brokers on behalf of our clients. Effectively, we save our clients’ time and money by providing them with the most cost-effective solutions available in the market.

Broker-neutral execution
Our interests are aligned with our client’s interests. We have no preference to any one broker as long as the chosen broker accommodates all of the client’s requirements.

Access to a network of Industry Specialists
Clients can capitalise on our in depth knowledge of products, markets, systems and brokers. We guarantee independent and fair advice.

At present Alion works closely with 21 top tier brokers and banks and has access to over 30 more institutions based in Europe, US, Asia and the Middle East. We continually review our broker list and will only partner with those that provide the best and most competitive service for our clients.